Plagiarism controversies have been common in K-Pop lately.  The public has seen copycat groups performing in other countries.  For instance BEAST’s hit “Shock” was accused of being plagiarized by Vietnamese group HBO and OK-Bang from China sounded and looked oddly enough like Big Bang.  Another accusation of plagiarism has been made involving BEAST thanks to the sensitive ears of clever netizens.

The group in question is Japan’s U.I.C. (which stands for Ugly in Clarity) and their song “Naked Sun” from their debut album “Addictro.”  The song’s intro is suspiciously similar to BEAST’s “Bad Girl.”  Along with the overall melody, phrasing, rap and chorus of “Naked Sun” are reminiscent of BEAST’s debut hit.  If that weren’t enough reason to question U.I.C.’s song consider this, “Naked Sun” was released approximately eight months from BEAST’s release of “Bad Girl”.

Enraged fans have been sending e-mails to inform Cube Entertainment about the likeness to “Bad Girl.” This is what Cube Entertainment had to say in a statement made in response to the influx of complaints they had been receiving regarding the song, “We heard of the suspected plagiarism from fans. We didn’t have the opportunity to thoroughly evaluate the song yet, however, we will be making a thorough review to see if there’s possible plagiarism.”

Here is the track in question for you to hear for yourself.  What is your take on this matter?  Why would a Japanese group modify a song of an artist that is internationally known?

Source: Nate