On March 10, SBS’sThat Is What We Want to Know” reported on the anti-hallyu, specifically anti-Kim Tae Hee, sentiments in Japan. Recently, Kim Tae Hee had been forced to cancel a CF fan sign event/press conference last minute in Japan due to increased anti-Kim Tae Hee sentiments. On February 21. Kim Tae Hee was supposed to attend the event for Japanese pharmaceutical company Rohto. However, she had to pull out of the event due to safety measures. The cancellation happened after Japanese netizens flooded the internet community board of the company Kim Tae Hee was endorsing with hateful comments and threats.

Additionally, the members of the right-wing Japanese group even held a protest by the Tokyo headquarters of Rohto. The participants shouted, “Anti-Japanese actress Kim Tae Hee! Don’t come to Japan,” “Cancel your deal with Kim Tae Hee,” “Anti-Japanese actress! Stop making money in Japan,” “Go back to where you come from,” “If you [Kim Tae Hee] come to Japan, we’ll kill you,” and more.

Back in 2005, Kim Tae Hee and her brother, Lee Wan, visited Switzerland to advocate the disputed Dokdo Island as Korean territory.