As we reported earlier, currently “We Got Married” is being replaced by “That Female Lyricist, That Male Producer” because of the MBC labor strike. MBC announced today on April 13, that Jay Park and John Park would be making an appearance on the show. Jay Park’s partner will be Lee Si Young while John Park’s partner will be Park Jin Hee.  

Jay Park and Lee Si Young will make a song for the new girl group “Tiny-G.”

Jay Park showed confidence, “I can make a song better than anyone else. I feel like the song we will make together will be a hit. Lee Si Young stated, “I am happy to be Jay Park’s partner, whose music I like.”


John Park stated, “Due to living in the U.S. for a prolonged period, I don’t know Korean actresses that well. However, Park Jin Hee is an actress that I know well and like. I am so happy that we are appearing on the show together. I want to make a good song.”

“That Female Lyricist, That Male Producer” is a reality show that pairs a producer and famous actress to make a song together. In the past, 2PM’s Junho and Kim So Eun paired up to produce the “Feast of the Gods” OST.