New selca photos of Jay Park and NS Yoon-Ji have sparked dating rumors between the two Korean-American musicians, as Korean media hyped it up as being something more than just friendly pictures.

On October 31, NS Yoon-Ji shared four photos on her Twitter account with the caption, “If you love me.” In the photos, Jay Park has his arms wrapped around NS Yoon-Ji, creating an overly friendly atmosphere. They both make funny faces at the camera, and look to have fun while just hanging in what looks like an office kitchen.

But Korean media took note of the caption NS Yoon-Ji wrote, “If you love me,” as it matches well with the two celebrities’ close gestures. Some reports went to the extent of interpreting it as NS Yoon Ji’s secret confession to Jay Park.

But it turns out “If You Love Me” is the title of NS Yoon-Ji’s upcoming new single, featuring Jay Park. It’s being reported that Jay Park gave a rap feature in the song, which will be included in NS Yoon-Ji’s new single album, scheduled for release on November 1.

Netizens commented, “Korean media needs to chill out,” “They make a good couple,” and “I can’t wait to hear the new song.”