In 2012, London will be holding the Paralympics and the president of the Korea Sports Association for the Disabled (KOSAD,) Seok Yong Yoon, put on a special event to celebrate and promote next year’s competition. The event was held on August 29th, marking the 365 countdown till the London event, and there was a friendly face who wanted to show his support.

The important event was watched by many but there was one person who has a strong, more personal connection to the event. Having been appointed honorary ambassador for the organization in 2010, Jay Park, has always been willing to lend his support. He has not just shown his face at events, but has gone a step further and reportedly donated approximately $21,000 USD in supplies for the athletes to use next year. He also sent a video of support at the event.

Jay Park is an example of going the extra mile to help people and do something good. He didn’t need to make such a generous donation but it just goes to show how seriously he takes his honorary ambassador position. What a generous guy!