Jay Park shows off his tattoos and newly blond hair in the latest issue of High Cut magazine.  Unlike a lot of other K-Pop idols who go blond every other day, Park had never had any experience with bleach until yesterday.  Apparently it had been part of the image concept for his new music video, but since his album release got delayed (due to his busy schedule with “Immortal Song 2“), he decided to get his hair done the other day.

“I was surprised to see myself in the mirror this morning, because it didn’t look like me.  It’s my first time going blond… it feels new,” Park said.

Wearing dENIZEN for Levi’s (for which Park is a spokesmodel), he also showed off his many tattoos, including a new one on his left arm, which has his face in the middle, a Korean flag on the right side, and the Space Needle (representing Seattle) on the left.  In other photos, we see the older tattoos, including stars on his neck, an arrow behind his ear, and various phrases on his back, chest, hand, and arm.

Park revealed that his favorite idol group is 2NE1.  He gave some advice to rookies in the business who may be experiencing creativity restraints.  “If you really love the stage, after awhile, you’ll start to have your own ideas.  Then you can do the music and the dance you really like.”

The issue of High Cut will be on stands on August 18.

What do you think of Jay Park’s blond hair?  Does he pull it off?