Jay Park surprised his fans by showing up at a local PC bang/game room and holding a guerilla fan signing event.

On April 10, a photo titled “A pretty common celebrity fan signing event at a PC bang” was posted on an online community board. In the photo, Jay Park is seen signing autographs, with a long line of surprised fans waiting for their turn.

The photo is reported to be taken on April 9 at a PC bang located in the southern city of Jindo. Jay Park was there to perform at a K-Pop concert, but after the show he headed to a local PC bang to play video games with his friends. However, fans that noticed his presence quickly gathered around him, and Jay Park showed his appreciation by signing every single fan’s autograph.

Netizens commented, “I only see male fans,” “Jay, come to the PC bang in my neighborhood,” and “Love how he doesn’t command any special treatment.”