A picture of Jay Park giving a surprise kiss to Patty Kim was revealed online. After the filming of “Immortal Songs 2 – Patty Kim Special,” all singers on the show got together for a group photo. During the photo shoot, Jay Park leaned forward to give a kiss on Patty Kim’s cheek to express reverence for the legendary artist. 

Netizens commented, “Awwww,” “Jay Park is so cute,” “I can’t wait for the second episode of Patty Kim Special!” and “Patty Kim looks like a loving grandmother who is enjoying her time with a grandson.” 

The second episode of “Immortal Songs 2 – Patty Kim Special” will air on March 31 at 6pm KST. On this episode, Patty Kim will her honest feelings about retiring in tears. Viewers and fans will also be able to glimpse at Jay Park’s sexy abs. 

Patty Kim had an official press conference announcing her retirement on February 15. She will hold “Patty Kim Global Tour Goodbye Concert” to finish off her 54-years-long career. The first concert of her Goodbye tour will be at Seoul Olympics Gymnasium Arena on June 2.