On the most recent episode of “Radio Star,” Jay Park mentioned SISTAR‘s Bora once again, revealing how she hurt his feelings after he chose her as his ideal type.

The MCs talked about how Jay Park’s proclamation of Bora being his ideal type became a hot topic. MC Kyuhyun started off by saying, “They say that when idols have interest in someone, they send signals on air. But Jay Park, you send signals way too often.” Then Jay Park coolly responded, “Should I send one right now too? Bora!” as he pointed directly to the camera.

But Jay Park continued, “I said that I liked Bora but people kept asking about her so I changed my ideal type to other people. What’s the use of mentioning Bora when things didn’t work out with her,” which made everyone laugh.

He continued, “But after I started to mention Bora, I saw her backstage at a music program. She was walking in my direction with a staff member but when she saw me, she switched sides with the staff member so she wouldn’t come close to me. That hurt my feelings.”

Jay Park added, “Now I can’t even wear the color purple anymore,” since “bora” can also mean “purple” in Korea.

Kyuhyun continued to tease Jay Park as he said, “One of our writers informs us that when you filmed ‘Come To Play‘ with Go Joon Hee, there was a couple-like atmosphere. People say that you even had Go Joon Hee as your profile picture on your messenger app.” After hearing that, MC Yoon Jong Shin commented, “Jay Park should have been the one to be on ‘We Got Married,” to which Jay Park agreed by saying, “I like women who are taller than me.”

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