Jay Park gave an amazing performance while doing a cover of a popular old song “Empty Glass.”

On the episode of KBS 2TV “Freedom Declaration Saturday” that aired on March 3, part two of the show had a segment titled “Immortal Genius.”  In this segment, Park Choon Suk hosted a special.

The special included Jay Park who came out to perform his own unique cover of Nam Jin‘s song “Empty Glass.”  Last year, he won an award for performing a Nam Jin song.  This time around, he continues to use his good luck charm with another Nam Jin song.  Armed and ready, he entered the stage with fierce determination.

As the stage opens up with strong beats, Jay Park explains a little bit about the song.  The song “Empty Glass” was released in 1982, before he was born.  He wasn’t familiar with the song at first, but since he is familiar with empty drinking glasses, he states that he will give a great performance.  MC Kim Gura praised the performance, “Jay Park is like the top dancer in the nation.”

Unfortunately, Jay Park was unable to beat the winner Ali who had 421 votes.