Korean American singer and performer Jay Park recently trended on social media platform Twitter.

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The reason for this? He posted on Twitter that he had a few minutes to spare, and so #askjaypark was born!

What would fans ask Jay, you ask? Perhaps, they may ask about his upcoming activities to promote his career as a performer…

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…or maybe they would even ask him to show them a dance move he likes, since he’s a pretty great dancer?


One of the fans asked him a “popular” question, though — and Jay managed to answer it with wit.

Another fan took the professional route and asked him about his upcoming album.

Some fans felt concerned about Jay’s career as a musician, since he’s been giving hints about his retirement in the past, especially when he released his song “Encore” last year.


While some fans decided to ask Jay Park a more…personal question like this…

…and this…

…others were particularly interested in how he feels about superstar girl group BLACKPINK‘s songs. Coming from a talented musician like himself, BLINKs must be feeling delighted that Jay complimented their favorite group  by calling them “iconic”.

Finally, a fan asked Jay about his feelings regarding one of his past interviews with Lady Gaga. In response to the fan’s question if the interview was awkward, he said this:

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