Singer Jay Park has been gaining attention for being a down-to-earth and friendly celebrity. Recently, a post titled “Jay Park meets Uncle Fan at Pojangmacha” garnered a lot of attention on several online communities. (Note: pojang macha is a Korean style food stand that also sells alcohol.)

A netizen explained, “An ahjuhssi was drinking at a pojang macha near by after work, when he noticed Jay Park walk by. He shouted, ‘Wow! Jay Park!’ In response this Jay Park went up to the table with a big smile and poured the man a drink.”

In the picture that was uploaded, Jay Park is wearing a long sleeveless basketball jersey. The casual and comfortable points to his clothing and Jay Park’s receiving of a drink from the ahjussi also the caught the attention of fans.

Netizens had a variety of responses: “Are there really celebrities like this?” “I’m jealous of the ahjussi,” “Jay Park is really free and easy,” “He’s very respectful,” “He’s so cute!”

Jay Park, along with actors Kim Eung Soo and Kwon Oh Joong, is currently appearing regularly on MBC TV show “Come Play.”