On April 2, Jay Park showed up at the “2012 F/W Seoul Fashion Week” with a much shorter hairstyle. Wearing oversized horn-rimmed glasses, Jay Park arrived at the show in a black jacket and jeans, matched with white shirt and yellow sneakers. Fans immediately took notice of his much shorter hairstyle, which had a mix of a crew cut and Mohawk style, and showed amazement at his seemingly unchanging and never-aging babyface.

The “2012 F/W Seoul Fashion Week” is the largest fashion-related event in Korea. With more than 60 fashion designers attending the show, the six-day event holds more than 60 individual fashion shows. Jay Park attended the “Sling Stone by Park Jong Chul” show.

Jay Park has most recently sported a Mohawk hairstyle for his “Know Your Name” promotions. Prior to that, he had bleached hair, but for most of his career, he maintained the Mohawk style.

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