The newest additions of the hit idol survival show “Immortal Song 2” have recently been announced.

“Immortal Song 2” producer, Kwon Jae Young, tweeted on the 20th“We are starting again. Hyorin, G.O, Jiyoon, Kyuhyun, Jay Park, Huh Gak. Let’s enjoy this.”

Producer Kwon also said during a phone call, “I am sure that Jay will show the best performance with his singing and dancing.” He continued, “Kyuhyun was cast because as It is already well-known, he is the main vocalist of Super Junior.”

Regarding Huh Gak, “Huh Gak is a singer that the entire nation loves. Also, I thinkHuh Gak will be able to stimulate and motivate the idols.”

The new members wil record their first episode of “Immortal Song 2” together on the 25th, and that episode is scheduled to air on August 6th

Source: Osen