Jay Park will withdraw from KBS’s popular idol singing competition, “Immortal Song 2,” at the end of this month. According to an official of the show, Jay Park decided to withdraw due to his busy schedule producing a new album, as he is scheduled to fly to the States soon.

Prior to today’s announcement, SISTAR’s Hyorin, MBLAQ’s G.O, and Super Junior’s Kyu Hyun all announced their withdrawal from the show, mainly because of their upcoming album. Huh Gak is expected to remain but 4minute’s Jeon Ji Yoon is undecided.

“It hurts to lose a lot of the participants all at once, but this will give a chance to renew our plan moving forward. The production team of ‘Immortal Song 2’ is currently working hard to recruit new members who won’t disappoint,” an official from the show said.

Jay Park, Hyorin, G.O, and Kyu Hyun will film their final episode on August 29th. Jay Park was one of the best performers on “Immortal Song 2,” winning last week’s episode with his performance of Jinusean’s “Tell Me,” featuring Sol Bi, Jang Hyuk, and Kim Soo Ro. Here are some of the best performances by Jay Park on the show. We’ll miss you Jay!