Jay Park revealed photos of his transformation into a vampire for a cameo role on MBN’s sitcom “Vampire Idols.” In one of the photos, Jay Park is seen wearing vampire makeup and artificial teeth, doing his best impression of a scary vampire. The other photo shows Jay Park in pre-makeup, receiving foundation treatment from his friend and AOM team member, Junior.

Jay Park will play the role of “J,” a New York-born vampire with exceptional b-boy skills that comes to visit as a special trainee. Unlike the other vampires, Jay Park stars as a vampire that sucks the blood out of others.

Netizens that saw the pictures commented, “I’ve never seen a vampire this cute. I can give up my neck for you,” “I can’t wait to see Jay on TV,” and “Vampire J, I want you on a regular role.”

Meanwhile, Jay Park’s cameo episode will air on March 28. Stay tuned for more updates!