Jay Park is officially a free agent and many are wondering whether he will stay loyal to agency SidusHQ or find a new home.

On July 1, he pondered on his Twitter, “My contract is over~ what is my next move gonna be?” He wrote a similar post in Korean, “My contract is over keke. What’s going to happen to Jay Park? keke.”

He made another post not even an hour after, which had more people guessing which agency he’ll pick. “Already been three years with SIDUS HQ~ time really fly’s!! but i’m flyer~!!!”

A representative from SidusHQ stated on July 2, “It’s correct that the first contract with Jay Park has ended. We plan to continue working with Jay Park.”

The person continued, “In fact, we already agreed with his side. You might know by looking at his Twitter post, but he wrote it in a joking manner.”

Jay Park signed a contract with SidusHQ in 2010 to officially start his solo career after leaving 2PM. He has since been active releasing albums and participating in variety programs including tvN’s “SNL Korea.”

Update: It’s been confirmed that Jay Park renewed his contract with SidusHQ.