Jay Park’s image showed up on one of the Jumbotron billboards in Times Square, making headlines in Korean media. On April 24, a picture titled, “Jay Park, surprise appearance in New York’s Times Square,” was posted on an online community site.

The picture is a snap shot of the advertisement for Verizon’s APAHM Tour, which features Jay Park as the tour headliner. The ad banner has Jay Park’s name and picture appear in full size, giving the star singer full exposure in one of the most crowded areas in the world.

Netizens that saw the photo commented, “Jay Park has conquered New York City,” “Jay Park needs to promote more in the U.S.,” and “I wish I could go to the concert.”

The APAHM Tour is held to celebrate the Asian Pacific American Heritage Month in May. Previous artists featured in the tour include Se7en in 2008, Epik High and Far East Movement in 2009, and Van Ness Wu and Evonne Hsu in 2010. The tour will visit Washington DC, New York, San Francisco, and Los Angeles. Learn more about the concert here!