Jay Park’s cool “Mirror Dance” is gaining attention. A clip of Jay Park dancing with Ha Woo Shin from Prepix spread on online communities and YouTube. The clip is one of the performances for Jay Park’s “New Breed Live in Seoul” held on March 3. The “mirror dance” was an intro dance for his song “Tonight.”

Jay Park and Ha Woo Shin are wearing matching black clothes. The dance gives off a feeling that Jay Park is looking in the mirror. There are no errors as their dance moves are perfectly synchronized.

Ha Woo Shin is a professional choreographer that has made the dance routine for “Know Your Name” and “Up & Down.”   

Netizens that have come across the clip stated, “Wow Jay Park’s mirror dance is great, it is literally a Ctrl + C Ctrl + V,” “It is a meeting of dancing gods,” and “No matter how many times I watch it, Jay Park’s mirror dance is so neat!”