Ever since Jay Park made his much anticipated comeback to Korea, fans have been wondering when he was going to return to tv on something more than a music show. There were many rumors, and there was lots of hype about when he will join a big TV show and what it would be until he joined the cast of “Immortal Song 2,” with his first episode airing August 6th.

To make sure, however, that his fans know what he has been up to, due to not uploading a video for a time, Jay Park uploaded a brand new video to get them up to speed. He talks about what he has been up to, he mentions Immortal Song 2, gives a plug to a clothing company, and then even gives us a freestyle. That’s one of the great things about him. He will never make a plain boring video, and even a fan update showcases his rap talents with a freestyle! Check it out below:

The show airs Saturdays at 5:50 pm KST on KBS2TV.

Source: Jay Park’s Youtube