Kenta and Sanggyun are debuting again as JBJ95!

Ahead of their album release on October 30, the duo held a press showcase.

The members previously promoted with project group JBJ, which concluded activities on April 30 of this year.

Sanggyun commented, “Being able to promote again is an opportunity I am very thankful for. We prepared for the album with the gratitude for our fans who have waited during our hiatus.”

Kenta added, “Through these promotions, we will make our name known to more people. Since our project group ended and we made our official debut, we will grow as a group that can just look forward as an everlasting group without thinking about the end.”

Their team name JBJ95 added the members’ birth year to their project group name JBJ. They chose the name to express that they will not forget the miracle of JBJ created by fans. Sanggyun explained, “We went through much thought to choose the team name. There is the burden of continuing the team name because we received so much love for seven months, but we think we can also show our own colors, so we are looking forward to it.”

As they became a duo, their positions have changed a bit. Kenta shared, “During JBJ, I was a sub-vocalist, but now I am the main vocalist. Including my pronunciation and singing, I am still lacking a lot. I worked really hard.” He continued, “I thought that it would not be okay if people listening to our music cannot focus because of my pronunciation, so I practiced and studied a lot.”

Sanggyun also revealed, “I am a rapper, but I participated a lot in singing. I got a lot of help from Kenta.”

JBJ95’s first mini album “HOME” will be released on October 30 at 6 p.m. KST.

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