Kim Dong Han, a member of the former project group JBJ, talked about his upcoming solo debut with fans.

On May 11, the idol read comments and answered questions from fans through a V Live broadcast.

About his upcoming solo debut, he said, “I feel a lot of pressure and think that it’ll be difficult to do what I did with six people alone. However, I’m getting strength because of the fans.”

It was previously revealed that Kim Dong Han is preparing to release a solo mini album in mid-June.

Many fans left comments showing their support for his solo endeavors and wished for his good health. He also updated fans that he was continuing to practice his curling iron skills and said that the most recent film he watched was “Wrestler.”

Kim Dong Han also stated one of his hopes for his solo debut. He said, “This time, I’m hoping that it will enter and stay in the charts.”

He told fans that he’ll consider a promise he could make for if he achieves success on the charts, and asked them to think of a good name for his fandom.

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