Dispatch wrote an exclusive article that contained pictures of Jeon Ji Hyun and her husband-to-be Choi Joon Hyuk. The two were out on an opera date.

 On March 3 the two were at the Seoul Arts Center for an opera show. After announcing the wedding, the couple has been confident in public. The two enjoyed their date because filming for the film “The Thieves” is now over.

Jeon Ji Hyun linked arms with Choi Joon Hyuk wherever they went. Also, the two stars did not seem to mind anybody else. Choi Joon Hyuk also showed his gentleman manners.  

A surprising fact about the Dispatch pictures is that Jeon Ji Hyun is not wearing any makeup on. However, she is still mesmerizing. The two matched their wardrobes with blue colors.  

Jeon Ji Hyun’s marriage with Choi Joon Hyuk will be held on April 13.