CF Queen Jeon Ji Hyun shows off her curvaceous S-line body.

DROPTOP, a cafe specializing in coffee, has released an advertisement photo of Jeon Hi Jyun on August 29. She is the exclusive model for the coffee shop.

The picture shows the gold tube top mini-dress tightly hugging her body showing the viewers her slim and curvy body.

She has recently extended her contract with DROPTOP and they provided with the explanation, “Having top star Jeon Ji Hyun as our model has given us a safe niche in the market and she has also help speed up recognition of our brand. Therefore, we decided to extend her contract.”

They went on, “Jeon Ji Hyun was Yenicall in the blockbuster film ‘Thieves’ and it has brought in over 10,000,000 people. We believe that this is her second wave of popularity and with her nationwide recognition, she’ll be able to help impact the progress of our franchise.”

Jeon Ji Hyun is currently busy promoting overseas for “Thieves” and attending other schedules. She’s also starring in the film, “Berlin,” with Ha Jung Woo, Ryu Seung Bum and Hang Seok Gyu.