As we reported earlier, Jeon Ji Hyun has moved up her wedding date to April 13. With her wedding fast approaching, the superstar is busy making the final touches to her special event.  According to sources close to Jeon Ji Hyun and her fiancé, the couple is planning on a rather small and quiet ceremony. They have decided to forgo the congratulatory songs, usually sung by fellow celebrities, as well as their honeymoon.

Additionally, while many thought that many celebrities would be invited to Jeon Ji Hyun’s wedding, it’s been revealed that only twenty close celebrities will attend the event. According to the source, both the officiator and the MC of the event will be from the groom’s side.

The couple also decided to postpone the honeymoon because of Jeon Ji Hyun’s upcoming movie, “Berlin,” which begins filming four days after her wedding.

The wedding ceremony will be divided into two parts. For the first part, Jeon Ji Hyun will wear a wedding dress but will change into a hanbok, specially designed for her by her grandmother-in-law, for the second part. Jeon Ji Hyun’s grandmother-in-law is one of Korea’s well-known hanbok designers, Lee Young Hee