Jeon Ji Hyun, who is getting married on April 13, will be showing off her wedding dress before the ceremony. On this day, Jeon Ji Hyun will be marrying Choi Joon Hyuk at the Shilla Hotel in Seoul. Before the ceremony, however, a press conference will be held. After careful consideration, the bride-to-be and her agency have agreed to hold the press conference prior to the event. This has been confirmed by her agency, J & Co. Entertainment. At the press conference, Jeon Ji Hyun will be wearing her wedding dress like a lovely bride. She will also answer questions and tell everyone how she feels before the wedding ceremony.

It has been revealed through Jeon Ji Hyun’s agency that she is still choosing which dress to wear. They say that without that much time left until the wedding, she will pick something soon. Also, for the reception, a handmade Korean traditional dress will be worn. It was specially made by the groom’s grandmother, Lee Young Hee, a famous Korean traditional dress designer in Korea.