Actress Jeon Ji Hyun’s college photo has been revealed.

On April 28, a post with a photo of Jeon Ji Hyun was made on an online community site with the title, “When Jeon Ji Hyun was a college student.”

In the photo, Jeon Ji Hyun is in a lecture hall posing with the V sign. With long straight hair and a white t-shirt, she’s showing off her beauty even in ordinary clothes.

Meanwhile, netizens who saw the photo of “Jeon Ji Hyun’s college years” reacted, “Han Chae Young‘s college photo and now Jeon Ji Hyun’s?” “Goddesses were still goddesses even when they were young,” “How come we don’t have a senior like her in our school?” and “A photo from Jeon Ji Hyun’s college years, I would believe if the photo was just taken yesterday.”