Jeon Ji Hyun’s management made an official announcement for her marriage that will be held on June 2.

Though they denied it at first, on March 1, J&Co. Entertainment stated, “Jeon Ji Hyun will be getting married on June 6 at the Shilla Hotel in Seoul with Choi Jun Hyuk.”

They continued, “Please bless Jeon Ji Hyun as a happy bride, a wife of one man and someone who is walking toward a new life. Please bless the couple with a good heart. Furthermore, we’re always thankful for the love and interest you showed toward Jeon Ji Hyun, the actress.”

Finally they said, “We will try our best to support Jeon Ji Hyun with her projects and help her become a great actress.”

Jeon Ji Hyun has recently finished filming for the upcoming movie, “The Thieves,” and is currently working on a new film, “Berlin.”