“April Bride” Jeon Ji Hyun‘s new luxurious home was revealed and is garnering much attention from public. According to monthly magazine “Women’s Joongang,” Jeon Ji Hyun’s new home, where she will move in with her husband after their wedding, is a high-end luxury village townhouse building located in the heart of Seoul. 

This building has three underground floors and 17 floors above, consists of 15 units total. Of the 15 units, 14 are about 331m2, and the remaining one unit is about 681m2. Jeon Ji Hyun’s unit is known to be about 360m2 and worth approximately 290 million Korean won (nearly $255,000). This building is also equipped with high-end amenities. 

On the first floor is a big, luxurious lobby and a lounge for small-scaled meetings and private social gatherings. Underground floors have a movie theatre, gym, screen-golf range, yoga studio, and a massage room only available for residents in the building. Such exclusive amenities are perfect for celebrities like Jeon Ji Hyun who value their privacy. Currently, Jeon Ji Hyun’s unit is under renovation.

Jeon Ji Hyun is getting married to her boyfriend Choi Jun Hyuk on April 13 at Shilla Hotel Seoul. The newly weds will soon move into their luxury new home after the honeymoon.