Jeon Ji Hyun will be marrying a bit earlier than planned! The date of her marriage changed from June 2 to April 13. Jeon Ji Hyun’s entertainment agency “J & Co. Entertainment” stated “Jeon Ji Hyun’s wedding date changed to April 13 because of the shift in overseas filming schedule for the movie ‘Berlin.’”

Originally, the plan was to finish all of the foreign filming for “Berlin” and then have the wedding in June.

Jeon Ji Hyun said through the agency, “Marriage is a big deal that happens once in a lifetime but the responsibility of an actress and her work is also very important. That is why I do not want any problems happening to the movie because of my marriage.”

Jeon Ji Hyun’s marriage with Choi Joon Hyuk will be held at the “Hotel Shilla” on April 13.