Jeon Somi has left loving messages to comfort her fans who are waiting for her debut!

On February 13, Jeon Somi took to her Instagram and asked her fans to patiently wait for her debut. In Korean, the singer said, “My fans, don’t get upset by thinking that I’m far away. I’m honestly not that far away [from you guys]. I’m excited for each and every day to come, and I hope that Mungchis (a nickname for her fans) feel the same way [as me].”

She continued, “You can’t get tired or upset by spending everyday waiting [for me] with frustration. You also shouldn’t think that. We should be happy about this. Why is everyone so anxious? It’s my personal desire to make everything perfect. Please wait for me for a little longer. I love you, and have a great day.”

Jeon Somi also left a message in English for her international fans. Read what she has to say:

After parting ways with JYP Entertainment in August 2018, Jeon Somi signed an exclusive contract with The Black Label of YG Entertainment. At the time, it was reported that it is highly likely that the singer will debut as a solo artist.

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