In light of Jeong Hyeong Don‘s revelation that he’ll be halting his activities due to anxiety, his past confession of how his anxiety began resurfaced in the online community.


In a 2018 episode of tvN‘s Secret Garden, Jeong Hyeong Don revealed that he was suffering from anxiety during his plane ride from China.

I was anxious coming back from work in China. I wasn’t anxious about the plane crashing. I was anxious about what I’d look like if we crashed and I liked.

— Jeong Hyeong Don

He shared that he often worries about things that haven’t happened yet.


And he revealed how it all began.


Jeong Hyeong Don explained that he endured a shocking experience when he was filming at a market.


What she did to him was so shocking that he even cried.

We were filming at a market when an older lady ran over, grabbed my privates, and then ran off while laughing. I was so shocked that I cried on the spot.

— Jeong Hyeong Don

Desite his enjoyment of trying new things, Jeong Hyeong Don now has a fear of unexpected things happening out of the blue.


Starting in 2015 when he took his first hiatus for anxiety, it has been a constant battle for Jeong Hyeong Don ever since.