Jeong Sewoon’s fan club name has been revealed!

Out of ideas submitted by fans, Jeong Sewoon selected five options. A vote was then held from April 30 through May 2 to determine the final name.

The options were as follows:

  • Wave – Meaning that Jeong Sewoon’s music has reached the calm hearts of fans and caused waves to ripple.
  • Haengwoon – Shortened from “Haengbokhasewoon,” a phrase commonly used by Jeong Sewoon as a combination of “haengbokhaseyo” (“Be happy”) and his name. “Haengwoon” is also the Korean word for “luck.”
  • Jeong Sewoon Fanclub. – A name that is straightforward and definite like Jeong Sewoon’s autograph. There is a period at the end like Jeong Sewoon’s autograph, as well.
  • Jeong Staff – As Jeong Sewoon dreams of becoming an agency CEO, it refers to the staff of CEO Jeong.
  • Clover – As clovers stand for happiness, it expresses the wish for everyone’s happiness.

5034 fans participated in the poll. Haengwoon and Jeong Staff fought a close race, but Haengwoon eventually came out on top with 42 percent of the votes.

The singer’s official Twitter account posted, “Jeong Sewoon’s official fan club name is ‘Haengwoon.’ All of you who will become the first Haengwoon (luck) for Jeong Sewoon, let’s make lots of good memories together from now on.”