Jessi confessed that she regrets flexing hard to buy her luxury watch on a recent episode of MBC‘s Radio Star.


On the show, Jessi opened up honestly about her past spending habits and how “immature” she used to be.

I used to be immature. Once I started making money, I was buying bags and putting diamonds on my watches.

– Jessi

But what surprised viewers the most was the watch that she wore to the show.



The brand of the watch is Rolex.


And the price?


140 million won (~$117,000 USD).


But Jessi confessed that she regrets making the large purchase.

I regret buying this watch. I learned from life that nothing lasts forever.

– Jessi

She added,

The music trends keep changing as the generation changes. I finally learned that you should make money while you can and save it for later.

– Jessi

Although her plans to debut abroad in the first half of the year got cancelled due to the outbreak of COVID-19, she has just made her return with her new song, “NUNU NANA.”


Looks like she’ll be reeling it in so she can get saving!