Jessica Alba continues to make headlines in Korea with photos of her constantly surfacing online. On April 24, the star Hollywood actress tweeted a photo of her with Korea’s top anchorwoman Baek Ji Yeon, with the message, “Great interview with Baek Ji Yeon.”

In the photo, Alba is seen wearing a sexy tube-type Han Bok dress, with long, wavy hair to accentuate her beauty. The color of her Han Bok perfectly matches with Alba’s skin tone and brown hair, impressing her fans with her simple yet colorful style.

The photo was taken during the recording of her interview with Baek Ji Yeon on tvN’s “Baek Ji Yeon People Inside.” The interview reportedly was made possible through Baek Ji Yeon’s personal friendship with Alba.

Meanwhile, Alba was also seen in a photo tweeted by rap duo Mighty Mouth today. They wrote, “Alba Goddess and Double M!” The photo seems to be taken at an upscale bar as Alba’s is seen in a pink dress that makes her indeed look like a living-goddess.

In response to the photo, 2PM’s Taecyeon tweeted, “Hyung, I’m so jealous of you.”

In fact, this is not the first time Alba took a photo during her stay in Seoul. On April 21, the hottest keyword in Korea was “Alba at a club,” as a photo of her with a group of male club goers was found online. It was found to be taken at a club in the Kangnam area of Seoul and it spread rapidly through SNS channels after it was posted online.

Alba is currently on a family trip to Korea with her husband, Cash Warren, and her two daughters. There have been reports of her seeking promotional and advertising opportunities in Korea during her stay, but nothing has been confirmed. This is her first visit to Korea.