Singer turned fashion designer Jessica takes style very, very seriously!

In a recent interview with magazine 1st Look, the singer defined what “Jessica style” looks like.

“From the clothes and accessories I wear on the outside to my attitude toward other people, everything is simple and comfortable,” she explained. “It seems like those things are settle into place through my style.”

Since leaving Girls’ Generation in 2014, she has been successfully balancing her activities as a solo artist and as the head of fashion label Blanc & Eclare. Late last year, she even opened the brand’s New York City flagship store to warm reception.

When asked about the secret to her success as a style icon, Jessica responded by saying that she finds exploring and expressing herself through fashion to be an exciting process. She added, “I think that having good style is a great addition to our lives.”

When asked about the secret to her success as a style icon, Jessica responded, “Going through the process of finding one’s personal style allows people to reflect and look within themselves. In other words, the process is a compelling process that allows people to realize something new about themselves. That’s why I think realizing one’s personal style is both a significant and worthy aspect of our lives.”

Check out her full 1st Look pictorial below!

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