Former Girl’s Generation member Jessica Jung and Krystal Jung of f(x) have always shown fans their inseparable sister bond. But, deep down, they’re just like any other sibling pair. In fact, when Krystal recently told Jessica about her upcoming big screen debut, her reaction was peak sibling energy.

One of K-Pop’s most famous sibling pairs, Krystal and Jessica debuted as labelmates and even had their own Jessica & Krystal reality show together. To this day, the pair are always posting snaps together on Instagram. Of course, since leaving the idol industry, both stars have their own separate career paths these days.

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This year, Krystal earned the lead role in a new feature film, More than Family. The singer-actress plays To-Il, a college student who decides to track down the biological father who abandoned her. The catch? To-Il is also several months pregnant.


Naturally, playing a pregnant character is a pretty unique role to land. So, in a new interview to promote More than Family, reporters were eager to learn what Jessica’s reaction was when she learned the news. While you may think the interaction included plenty of excitement and gushing, Krystal revealed it was the hilarious opposite: nothing but a simple “okay”.

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When I told [Jessica] I was playing the role of a pregnant woman, she just said, “Okay”.

— Krystal

Getting a nonchalant reaction to your big news is definitely something every sibling pair can relate to. Of course, it doesn’t mean Jessica and Krystal don’t still have a close bond. The younger sister explained that she and Jessica “like each other and support each other very much“—they just don’t care so much about what the other is doing.

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I don’t know what [Jessica] is up to these days.

— Krystal

Despite not following each other’s every move, Krystal confessed that Jessica is truly her rock. She revealed that the older she gets, the more strength she feels from “having a family member in the same industry“. To Krystal, no one can be closer than family.

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No matter what kind of friends you have, I don’t think you can be closer than you are with family. I think I had a comfortable life thanks to my unnie.

— Krystal