Jessica had some wise words to impart as she reflected on herself.

She recently took part in a pictorial for The Star magazine.

In the accompanying interview, Jessica discussed the differences between her “day” and “night” selves and herself as a singer.

“In the day, I am lively, and at night, I’m more calm,” Jessica explained. “Personally, I’m often awake at night. I have a lot of thoughts, and I also tend to work more at night.”

As for what she’s like when making music, the singer shared, “I’m very detailed. I’m extremely meticulous when I record as well. Details are the most important in everything I do. As long as I pay attention to them, there shouldn’t be any problems down the road. I am also careful to not become too complacent.”

When asked what she would like to say to anyone who dreams of becoming an idol, Jessica advised, “If you’ve chosen that as your path, then don’t give up. I hope you will enjoy yourself and have no regrets.”

Looking towards the future, Jessica concluded, “It’s vague, but I think I will be someone who acts her age. I think I’ll be more carefree than I am now, and I hope that I will have more wisdom gained through experience.”

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