On a recent episode of Radio Star, Infinite‘s Sunggyu appeared on the show and talked about the fellow stars he met in the military.


Sunggyu, who was recently discharged from the military, revealed that he served with fellow celebrities at the Ministry of National Defense, allowing him to form many friendships.

I got really close to Kang Ha Neul, Ji Chang Wook, Jo Kwon, SHINee’s Onew, EXO’s Xiumin, and Yoon Ji Sung there. Since we all came from different units without there being any predecessors or sucessors, we got really close real quick.

– Sunggyu


He also shared that they talked about the process of how they all succeeded in the entertainment industry.

What we all had in common was that we all talked about our hardships. There was no end to the conversation.

– Sunggyu


But what caught the most attention was what Sunggyu revealed about actor Ji Chang Wook’s hardest days.

He said that during his hardest times, he only ate rice dipped in salt.

– Sunggyu


Sunggyu also shared what he said in response as an attempt to relate to the story.

I didn’t want to lose, so I told him that when I lived in a study dorm, all I ate was the rice and eggs they provided.

– Sunggyu


In response to the revelation, fans are responding in shock with comments such as “I had no idea“, “He looks like such royalty that I had no idea he had such a rough time in the past“, and “I hope everything works out for him from now on“.