On April 29, a source from TVReport claimed that Lee Yo Won had been cast in the upcoming drama “Life-and-Death Romance.”

“Life-and-Death Romance” (working title) is a medical drama about a surgeon and an endocrinologist, and Ji Hyun Woo’s name has been floated as one of the options for the male lead. If Lee Yo Won confirms her appearance, this will be her first drama in 8 months after last year’s “Avengers Social Club.”

Later a source from Lee Yo Won’s agency, Management Koo, stated to another media outlet, “‘Life-and-Death Romance’ is one of many casting offers Lee Yo Won has received. It is the project she has most recently received, so she is still in the process of reviewing it. She is reviewing various projects at the moment and has not decided on anything as of yet.”

The drama is scheduled to air in July after the end of “Partners for Justice,” which itself will air after the end of the currently-airing “Tempted.”

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