Actor So Ji Sub has commented on the “Me Too” movement that has recently been taking the Korean entertainment industry by storm.

In a recent interview with media outlet No Cut News, So Ji Sub talked about his acting career and his hopes for the future. The actor was reportedly somewhat reserved throughout the interview, even responding to some questions by simply confessing that he was at a loss for words. However, when asked about the “Me Too” movement, So Ji Sub didn’t hesitate to make his own thoughts known.

“I support the people who have bravely made their voices heard,” the actor remarked. “I think that everyone needs to make an effort to change things and create a better world. I don’t want their courageous actions to have been in vain.”

He also commented, “I think being a good person and being a good actor happen in the same context. I’m not sure yet what it means to be a good person, but I want to become the kind of person who exudes a positive vibe and who makes people feel happy even through just a passing encounter.”

When asked about his goals for 2018, So Ji Sub replied, “The success of [my new] movie is up to fate. I hope that I successfully wrap up the drama that I’m currently scheduled to film and that I end the year on a good note.”

So Ji Sub recently starred in the film “Be With You” and will be appearing in the upcoming tvN drama “Terius Behind Me” (literal title) later this year.

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