Ji Sung and Girl’s Day‘s Hyeri continue teasing their captivating chemistry for SBS’ “Entertainer.”

New stills for the upcoming Wednesday–Thursday drama special were revealed on April 13. Previous teasers have showed the lead couple rocking out to Taylor Swift and yelling at a veteran singer.

The latest shots provide a taste of the slightly more intimate second meeting between Seok Ho (Ji Sung) and Green (Hyeri). They make deep and intense eye contact while appearing surprised to see each other, leaving viewers curious about the details of the scene.

hyeri ji sung

Despite their 17-year age difference, Ji Sung and Hyeri are said to get along extremely well. A representative of the drama production company reveals, “Even the staff members are impressed by how Ji Sung and Hyeri take care of each other. Ji Sung asks the camera team to shoot Hyeri from a flattering angle whenever they film together. To repay Ji Sung for his warm kindness, Hyeri is doing her utmost to show good acting.”

“Entertainer” is set to premiere on April 20.

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