It’s sweet how Ji Sung is still crazy for his wife when he boasted about her cooking skills on tvN‘s “Three Meals a Day.”

On the episode that aired on June 5, Ji Sung constantly reveals his love for his wife, Lee Bo Young, earning him the nickname “Crazy in Love.”

The staff orders the members to cook fried chicken and pickled radishes for dinner as a mission.

While preparing, Ji Sung says, “My mother-in-law is an excellent cook. I even memorized her number to call her for advice.” In response, Lee Seo Jin jokes, “I guess your wife isn’t a great cook?”

Ji Sung immediately stands up for his wife, saying, “My Bo Young is very skilled. You’ll be surprised at how good she is.”

During his interview, he continues to praise his wife as he says, “It’s a given fact that my wife is a great cook. It’s perfect for my taste buds. That’s all that matters.”

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