Ji Sung made an appearance on the September 6 episode of “Section TV Entertainment News,” and talked about his “manner hands” in his movies. “Manner hands” refer to various gestures by men intended to show consideration towards women, for example, extending one’s hands near the doorframe of a car when a woman is getting out, so that she doesn’t bump her head.

Ji Sung was told that he seems to know women very well, because of his “manner hands” while he is acting. He talked about how his wife feels about it on this episode, saying “My wife, Lee Bo Young, doesn’t even know that I often have manner hands for her, because she never looks up.”


He continued to describe his grievance toward Lee Bo Young’s lack of attention, saying, “[Lee Bo Young] complained to me why I never do the ‘manner hands’ for her. I didn’t understand what she was talking about.”

He also revealed the name of his daughter, “Kwak Ji Yoo,” who was previously just known by the nickname Bobe. Ji Sung’s real name is Kwak Tae Geun.

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