Ji Sung revealed his perfect abs in upcoming film “My PS Partner.” “My PS Partner” is about a couple who has been brought together by a mistakenly made phone call who share their sexy secrets. In the film, Ji Sung plays the role of Hyun Seung, who was longing for his ex-girlfriend until a shocking phone call reaches him and changes his life.

For the first time in his career, Ji Sung takes his shirt off in this film. He revealed his washboard abs for the two love scenes with his ex-grilfriend So Yeon (Played by Shin So Yul) and new woman on the other end of the mystery phone call Yoon Jung (played by Kim Ah Joong). Sources say that Ji Sung does at least 2000 sit-ups a day to keep his irresistible abs. The juxtaposition of his cute and gentle face and masculine abs is more than enough to attract female movie-goers attention.

Kim Ah Joong is also making a come back as a romantic comedy queen with “My PS Partner.” She plays the role of Yoon Jung, who has been waiting for 5 years for a proposal from her boyfriend. She tries a new sexy event but ends up calling a random guy instead of her boyfriend. “My PS Partner” is coming to theaters in December.