Following the announcement of miss A’s official disbandment, former members Jia and Fei posted on their personal Instagram accounts about the news.

Fei posted a photo of the girl group during the promotions of “Bad Girl Good Girl” along with a message looking back at their memories and ahead to her future.

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It is where we started. It is how I met you all. I will always cherish and love the beautiful memories with #MissA and everyone of you who supported and loved us. Will you now walk on a new path with me and join me on a brand new adventure together? love my #sayA 2010.07.01-#missA 出道—2017.12.27-#missA解散 时间真的过得很快 当初带着梦想只身前往异国他乡 只希望能实现自己小小的梦想 每天早出晚归学习语言拼命练习的画面似乎还在眼前  转眼就过了10年 2010年,站在舞台上作为 missA 成员出道的那一刻 是我人生最难忘的时间点 真的很感谢公司让我们四个人聚在一起 那些热烈的曾经 都会是我人生最珍贵的回忆 作为missA 的成员我是骄傲的 2010-2017七年时间 一直陪着我们sayA 你们辛苦了! 每一次呐喊每一次应援 有你们真的很幸运! 你们说聚时一团火,散也满天星! 未来的路虽然要一个人走 但我也会好好加油! 以一个全新的姿态回到国内 继续做自己喜欢的音乐 继续努力成为合格的演员 太多的回忆太多的舍不得 但也不得不说:Goodbye #missa ! 也请大家继续支持孟佳 秀智 min .感谢~ 现在我们来重新认识一下:大家好,我是#王霏霏 请多多关照!

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Jia uploaded a photo of her lying down in bed and thanked miss A and JYP Entertainment. She ended the message with a link to the MV for “MOOD,” her latest collaboration with GOT7’s Jackson.

miss A debuted on July 1, 2010 and officially disbanded on December 27, after seven years of promoting together.