TWICE‘s Jihyo posted an extreme close-up photo of someone’s face on the Bubble app, creating a lot of speculation on who the person could be. Some ONCEs thought that the face might belong to Jeongyeon while others thought Nayeon.

From left: Jeongyeon, Nayeon, Jihyo | JYP Entertainment

Jihyo teased the guesses for a bit, replying in such a way to lead the fans on. 

Jihyo: Oh I turned out a bit like Jeongyeon

Jihyo: Right!!

Jihyo: You thought it was Nayeon? That’s kinda true too

Jihyo: That’s actually Jeongyeon

Jihyo: Oh you guys have quick senses

Jihyo: It’s actually a lie

Jihyo: Fall for it~

Jihyo: I guess it really looked like Nayeon, a lot of people say it looks like her

Jihyo: It’s actually Nayeon unnie hehe

After playing for a while, she eventually confessed that the picture was actually of herself this entire time.

Anyways, that picture is actually me….Why isn’t anyone playing along with my jokes!! I’m not a liar. I just wanted to play with ONCEs… Why don’t ONCEs know it’s me even when my name is there as expected, dummies!!! It’s me.

— Jihyo

The fact that this isn’t even the first time TWICE’s leader has called fans out on their gullibility. ???? We might be taking the whole “follow the leader” thing too seriously.

Although we should be used to it by now, we can’t help but get a little emotional. Hey, best friends call each other “stupid” all the time, right? ???? Right?

Jihyo stays clowning ONCEs. ???? We can’t help but love her.