The “GooWon Couple,” Jin Goo and Kim Ji Won have reunited for an advertisement.

On May 4, Kim Ji Won’s agency, King Kong Entertainment, released behind the scenes photos from a campaign advertisement the two filmed together.

In the photos, Kim Ji Won sits side-by-side with Jin Goo, holding movie tickets. Recently, the two acted as lovers who shared a passionate romance in the drama “Descendants of the Sun.” Their roles earned them the nickname “GooWon (Jin Goo – Ji Won) Couple” and they became widely adored.

Additionally, the two appeared together on SBS’s “Running Man” on May 1, displaying charms we never knew they had. Now, once again, they have met as the “GooWon Couple” for this advertisement, and just by looking at them, you can see their fantastic chemistry.

It’s said that not only did the couple emit an enjoyable and bright energy, but they matched the concept of the advertisement well, and acted quite freely. The staff on site were said to be struck with admiration.

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