Jin Se Yeon spoke about TV Chosun’s “Grand Prince” and co-star Yoon Shi Yoon in a recent interview with News1.

On May 14, the actress shared behind-the-scenes stories from filming the historical drama that told the story of two princes and their love for one woman.

Speaking about how she worked through her concerns about acting, Jin Se Yeon said, “While expressing my emotions, I talked a lot with Yoon Shi Yoon and relied on him a lot. Yoon Shi Yoon is someone who kindly explains a lot to juniors. But since I have some experience, he was very considerate of my acting. He said, ‘How do you want to express it? I did it this way, what do you think?’ He treated me as a co-worker and not as someone who’s eight years younger.”

The actress also spoke about the many kiss scenes in “Grand Prince.” In a previous interview, Yoon Shi Yoon had conveyed his apologies to Jin Se Yeon for his poor kissing skills.

She commented, “Usually in dramas, there are many instances where the male actor leads [the scene], so I thought that I’d just follow along. Our first kiss scene was when we weren’t close yet, so it was awkward. It was awkward and embarrassing, and I remember that we made fun of each other while filming later because of that. But Yoon Shi Yoon said he’s usually like that and that he matches well with family dramas.” She laughed as she added, “I hope he doesn’t feel sorry about it.”

“Grand Prince” concluded on May 6 with the network’s highest viewership ratings of 5.6 percent. The cast fulfilled their promise by holding a free hug event to thank viewers.

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