Actress Jin Se Yeon recently released a special song for high schoolers taking their college entrance exam on YouTube. The song was originally sung by Hwang Kyu Young in the 90’s, but Jin Se Yeon added her own fresh twist to it by adding her own rap and showcasing her singing ability, which earned the applause from the staff in the recording booth. The two collaborated together to release the remake of the song on YouTube. 
Jin Se Yeon also sent out a sweet message to the high schoolers saying, “The best way to get rid of stress before you take a big exam is by letting go of all your fears, take a deep breath and exhale three times and after you’ve done that, tell yourself, ‘I am the very best! I am going to show them everything I’ve got.’ Then you will slowly start to feel more and more confident about yourself. All of you are probably feeling nervous and stressed right now, but as soon as you cross this bridge you will find happier days waiting for you just around the corner- so don’t give up or lose faith!” 
Netizens who saw the YouTube clip and the encouraging message from the actresses commented with, “Wow, Jin Se Yeon is not only beautiful but great at singing!”, “Jin Se Yeon also has a beautiful heart that matches her outer beauty,” and “I hope all the high schoolers get a chance to listen to Jin Se Yeon’s song and message of support and feel encouraged!”